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Unboxing of the day 🥰
I hope we will see it in action soon in my next topic of "practical work" xD
I'm waiting for my Mercury(I) nitrate (it's on the road) and sulfuric acid (I don't know yet.. find somone who buy it for me or evaporate electolyte) for the rest of the adventure
I have the same, also with two necks :D
Hi bro, do you have a reliable provider for LATAM?
Hey hello, I am new to this forum (discovered it today) and I love it!! people look very nice and with a ton of wisdom ...

look, I bought like 2 years ago some kg of p2np, But it's not yellow and it has a brown-reddish color, is it expired? I wish I could still be able to perform a little with it, would you mind taking a look and give me your opinion.

Thank you, sir!! and thank you very much for that vid, amazing!!
GAA more difficult to find a vendor but finally i have find a shop for particular in any quantity (but no shipping)
But I like this unboxing thing. I'll join you with that! Just got a shipment today :)
I wanted to create a topic so that we could share our unboxing, but I didn't know where.. or if it was in the spirit of the forum...
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Hi bro, do you have a reliable provider for LATAM?
What is the easiest and efficient method on making meth? Can you mention the tools/ingredients needed for it and tell me the whole process on making it and the amount of ingredients in gram and the final outcome in gram?
Im very interesting and im bulk buyer of strong noids..my all business goes down since china ban...i really want to access rc section..i read soo meny forums from this site.and its very educated things for me..im so glad if u can give me access for rc...when i found this community i feels my life is back.....
Expanding my knowledge on the craft of synthesis. Right now researching pyrrolidino ketones.

Help is always appreciated.
Trying to figure out what's the best chems to infuse into typing paper good reliable jwh am2201 and k2 liquid have been hard to find in the US. Any pointers and vendor's would be a great help.
Please let me no when u find a good source. My business (paper too) has come to a halt. Iv lost thousands to scammers.
I have a great one available to me, 5CL. Hmu
I am looking for 1-naphtoyl chloride seller in europe. hit me up
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im looking for sudo ephadrine,and the rest ? pls help with this issue as in australia it is very hard to find unless your extrcting from cold n flu tabz which are monitored every time you buy a box of telfast cold n flu tabz you have to show photo i.d which in turn kills the doctor shopping trade to an extent... Anyone from india??? or china can you get pure oil from inside your countrys???
Looking to learn chemistry build and maintain a lab as well as looking for suppliers of precursors reagents lab gear and pure Methamphetamine pure cocaine and pure mdma until I’m completely knowledgeable and operational. Thanks to all those who are willing to help train or mentor and as well supply me with what I need to grow knowledge wise. I’m not looking to be a kingpin I only wanna self medicate!
We are trying to add our long product range with help of admin, soon he will approve us to ad our product here., ...Mail- [email protected]
Looking for a supply for coke or mdma for selling just posted on a thread before serious enquiries only! otherwise fuck off