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Pyridine It is a highly flammable, weakly alkaline, water-miscible liquid with a distinctive, unpleasant fish-like smell. For the most part it's simple to make as for those who don't have easy access to such precursors. This is a brief on the production of pyridine.
Niacin+copper chromite= (decarboxalation) of niacin= pyridine. I'm currently gathering what I need to prepare copper chromite. but I need to prepare aluminum di-chromite and base it out to produce aluminum chromite, then I can start the production of copper chromite. I'll post more when I have an update on progress any questions or suggestions, or even ideas to aquire pyridine please leave a comment. Where I'm at pyridine is a schedule II regulated and watched chemical...


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Amazing. What will they schedule next :). I'll be making pyridine soon as a part of making thalidomide (which is a little-known recreational drug, better known for its terratogenic effects). I have acccess to potassium dichromate, but you could just as well use the much more accessible copper carbonate. Like NileRed did: