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LSD and sex


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LSD is one of the most studied and most popular psychodelics. Acid trip is more manageable, but sometimes it is unpredictable, as in the case of other psychodelics.


The effects of LSD are characterized by moderate stimulating action, a changed state of consciousness, as well as a change in perception. The vast majority of users describe the sensations during sex under the influence of LSD as something unusual. Many argue that they felt what was happening "on behalf of a partner." According to others, all the surrounding objects were filled with love and "took part" in the process. Still others saw and felt the partner in an entirely different way. How will you feel? Neither I nor anyone else will be able to give you an accurate answer to this question.


You should definitely try LSD before you get ready to try sex intoxicated of this substance. If for other surfactants, this is rather advisory, for LSD, as for all other psychodelics, this condition is mandatory. Exactly how to follow set and setting.

Methods of use

Given that LSD is almost always found on the market in the form of stamps - the only available way to use will be to put the brand sublingual for 10 minutes.


A good choice for the first sexual experience will be 100-150 μg. Even if you have an experience, do not take increased dosages of LSD for the chemsex - your condition will not be suitable for sexual intimacy, or will lead to a negative experience that will negatively affect your sexual life in the future.


LSD will begin to show itself in 40-60 minutes. If it is the sex trip that is planned, then in 20-30 minutes it is worth starting preliminary caresses that smoothly pass into sex - in this way you will set the direction for your trip with your internal state. After the end of sexual intercourse, you can share your impressions with each other, talk about this topic and the first pleasant impression will set you up for repeated sex. You will have 5-8 hours to make this experience unforgettable. Another option, but, as a rule, more spontaneous - sex on the decline of action. It is also quite permissible and can become a fairly pleasant experience.


Candy Flip is a classic combination of LSD and MDMA. Not the best combination specifically for sex, but contraindications have no if you have a positive experience with both substances. Mandatory condition: first LSD is used, and only after 2-4 hours of MDMA. In no case is the opposite.

Avoid combinations with other psychoactive substances, including marijuana - the psychodelic effect can be repeatedly enhanced and lead to a bad trip.


The main danger under the action of LSD is departure to the band trip. This can cause not only spoiled chemsex, but also damage your sex life and the psyche as a whole. Psychological trauma and negative experiences are easily recorded in a changed state of consciousness, but given the sexual orientation of the trip - most likely, in the case of fixation of thoughts during the trip, this sphere will affect more than others.


Among all psychodelics, LSD is one of the most suitable for chemsex. The main thing is to follow simple rules and do not strive for high dosages and an excessive increase in the psychedelic component. The emotions that you will experience may be unpredictable, and this is typical for each trip. I encourage everyone to think a few times before practicing such things.
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I can vouch for this description. I once had sex in the coming up stage of LSD, and it was strange but unique experience. I struggled with maintaining an erection though but as I had learnt this from a previous experience I have used a moderate dose of Tadalafil about 2-3 hours before sex. Even like this it was only imaginable before a full blown effect comes up, that said the orgasm was very unique, prolonged, somehow `I was the orgasm` rather than it happening to me. During my very first LSD experience (about 70-80 mcg) I managed to have sex several times, but struggled with erection, even like this it was enjoyable and there was no problem with orgasm. Serotonine often messes with libido and/or can cause anorgasmia (a relatively frequent side effect of SSRIs e.g.), and LSD`s main effect is attributed to a Serotonine receptor (5HT2A).

Once we read a report with a friend of mine by a woman from the 60`s perhaps (can`t remember exactly) and my friend still mentions this from time to time, he was so fascinated by it. The woman was having sex during a full-on acid trip and just before climaxing (she was up, sitting on her boyfriend) she inhaled a breakthrough dose of NN DMT. She described it as `nuclear explosions` of orgasm lasting for ages. She added though that a man could never do this as she was `out of it` for minutes and there is no way a man could sustain an erection during such an episode.


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there is no way a man could sustain an erection during such an episode.
Its doable. lol. I dated a woman on all kinds of drugs I had to hold her down with all my strength every time we had sex. I swear If I didn't hold her down she would end up twitching out to the street and I'd be like where did she go?

Btw not a good idea to hold anyone down on DMT unless they might cause harm to themselves or others.
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