• Welcome to the forum of professional participants of the drug market!

    Here you will get all the necessary information about organizing a laboratory of any size, from a small kitchen at home to an industrial facility.
    And if you have your own production, here you will find all the relevant information to improve efficiency and safety.
    In the sections of the forum you will find:

    • Methods of synthesis and analysis;
    • Suppliers of chemicals and equipment;
    • Descriptions of the pharmacological action of substances;
    • Business technologies.

  • Purchasing Chemicals 

    BB experts assist in the purchase of goods on the Chinese market. We have contacts with factories and companies that are ready to fulfill any of your orders for synthesis.
    We can help you:
    - Find a supplier of the right reagents or equipment
    - Negotiate, agree prices and terms of shipment
    - Pay for your order in fiat currency by accepting your payment in bitcoin
    - Control the quality of the product, packaging, execution of documents and receipt of goods.

    The cost of our services is a nominal 10% of the order value.
    Purchasing managers: Zero Day or Pinkman

How did you hear about us? (It matters to us)


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How did you hear about our forum?
Please leave information in the comments about how you found us


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I got here via a facebook ad :/ that kinda worries me and makes me feel this could be a honeypot
I'd love me some RC ket analogues tho
The observant user will notice that we have a lot of ads, more than anyone else. This allows us to appeal to our target audience. It's not very easy really, given the focus of the forum. Many people just don't register on the forum, they just study it. We have all the content except the RC section in the public domain. We plan to add more functionality to motivate people to register and take an active part in the life of the forum. Whatever you think, you can just study almost all the information through a tor browser without JS and without even registering.


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Found it through a dread ad. This forum might have some actual potential, since there's not many active forums for this kinda thing. There are the two subreddits that shall not be named, but it's reddit so it isn't a exactly the best place to discuss drug chemistry.


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I was looking for links and came across a list of links and the name gave me flash backs when my brothers and I were baking cakes. I had to join and try and learn the purpose way to do things. Quality is very important