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Recent content by William Dampier

  1. William Dampier

    Someone has any experience with 4-Methoxy Phenyl Acetone?

    Yes, the difference is big. The first is more of a stimulant, 4-methoxy euphoric. It is best taken in the form of capsules and tablets.
  2. William Dampier

    Mephedrone synthesis (video 19:43)

    Most likely bad quality acetone. There are few details, you have already written in private messages, we will continue there.
  3. William Dampier

    A-Oil to Hcl Amphetamine

    Boiling with hydrochloric acid, after basification with alkali, extraction of the base and obtaining the desired salt.
  4. William Dampier

    Synthesis of amphetamine from P2NP via Al/Hg

    Must drain, and pour quickly a fresh portion of clean water. But if there is little experience, do the first reactions without additional washing. Not necessarily ice water, the main thing is pure (drinking) water
  5. William Dampier

    Synthesis of 3,4-methylendioxybenzylmethylketone from piperonal (glycide ester route)(small scale)

    Well available in China Yes, you are now talking about another interesting route. Alpha-methylcinnamic acid is also available in China.
  6. William Dampier

    Iodination of 4-methylpropiophenone with iodine/cooper(II) oxide (large scale)

    No. There will be problems with purity and yield. Yes, but the mechanisms of reactions are slightly different.
  7. William Dampier

    Synthesis of mephedrone in NMP (large scale)

    If you need additional help, write.
  8. William Dampier

    Production of synthetic hashish

    This is a synthetic hash (topic), no one said that it would be natural. The main task is organoleptic and convenient consumption of concentrates of synthetic cannabinoids included in this. Comment is out of place.
  9. William Dampier

    Mephedrone synthesis (video 19:43)

    Not qualitatively purified, or little time for the reaction. More details are needed.
  10. William Dampier

    Microwave synthesis of JWH-018

    The powders must be crushed in one diameter to evenly distribute. Vials are used for a microwave reactor. For a household microwave, we use a beakers and short, but frequent irradiation.
  11. William Dampier

    is it possible to distill freebase amphetamine with such a distiller?

    Exact temperature control, and the system itself, can be simplified.
  12. William Dampier

    Someone has any experience with 4-Methoxy Phenyl Acetone?

    Impossible. Only 4-methoxy product and all.
  13. William Dampier

    what is the best and purest way to make an amp today ?

    About the separation of entanomers, perhaps there will be a video soon.
  14. William Dampier

    Large-scale PMK/MDP2P synth questions

    Simple reaction. The problem is raw materials. CAS number of substance, in PM, so as not to flood here. If we do this, publish it here.
  15. William Dampier

    Synthesis of JWH-018

    Yes. There are different replacements, but not so many powerful.