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Recent content by karamelosanto

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    Synthesis of Propionyl chloride from Propionic acid via POCl3

    Hi! Can POCl3 be replaced by phosgene (COCl2) on this route? if not. Can you provide a route for propionyl chloride synthesis via COCl2? Thanks
  2. K

    Is there a way to make DMT from Bufotenin?

    Yes,Anadenanthera colubrina is very abundant in my zone, so, I can extract it from the seeds of the tree
  3. K

    Is there a way to make DMT from Bufotenin?

    IF so, maybe someone can help with this. Bufotenin is 5-ho-DMT. Maybe there is a way to break the 5-ho from the DMT part? Thanks
  4. K

    Psilocybin and psilocin extraction from mushrooms

    Very useful !! Thanks for sharing this!
  5. K

    Home purification method for mephedrone

    Can I clean other methcathinones with this method (methylone, efedrone, etc)?
  6. K

    Solvents recovery

    Hi, I was looking for DCM on painting stores. It is used for removing paint. I read the formula of one of them. it is 74.5 % DCM, 1.79 % toluene, 11.6 % 1-butanol and 5.13 % ammonia. Is there a way to purify the DCM from all that mixture? Can I carefully distillate it ? Thanks!
  7. K

    Mephedrone synthesis (video 19:43)

    Hi! Can I replace NMP with DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide)? If so, what amound I would need? Also apart of benzene, toluene, xylene, DCM, ethyl acetato, what else can I use? Thanks
  8. K

    Syntheses of 2C-phenylethylamines

    Thank you !! This is awesome! I really love 2c-x phenetylamines! I hope some day I can reach the level necessary to do something like 2c-e.
  9. K

    4-AcO-DMT from Psylocibe Extraction?

    Oh! Can you explain this route? Thanks
  10. K

    4-AcO-DMT from Psylocibe Extraction?

    Is there a method for this synthesis? Thanks
  11. K

    2C-E Synthesis Method?

    Excellent! Thanks you!
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    2C-E Synthesis Method?

    Hi! Is there any improved 2c-e synthesis method to produce it on large scale? Is it possible to do it with regents that can be found on china suppliers? Thanks!
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    How did you hear about us? (It matters to us)

    I was looking for synthesis information, and got one of the clearnet mirrors on yandex.
  14. K

    Simple synthesis of methylone.

    HI, Thanks for sharing this synthesis, I think is very clear. I am from South America and here is a little difficult to find DCM. However, I can try to find it in some way. Maybe buying it from china. I want to ask. Can you put all the regents in a list with quantities to make a little more easy...