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Recent content by chinacat

  1. chinacat

    Purification of MDP2P via its NaI complex

    Purification of MDP2P via its NaI complex Requirements 1) 60 grams red oily dirty ketone 2) 10 grams NaI( a huge excess to be safe) 3) some sort of half assed reflux apparatus #note- one molecule of NaI connects with 3 molecules of ketone,you'll just have to work out the math for...
  2. chinacat

    Methylamine HCL usage?

    Does you synth require ahydrous conditions? if not you can dissolve methylamine hcl in water then add a solution of Naoh and add to rxn. When you freebase methylamine in water it warms up, it stinks.
  3. chinacat

    LSD and sex

    Its doable. lol. I dated a woman on all kinds of drugs I had to hold her down with all my strength every time we had sex. I swear If I didn't hold her down she would end up twitching out to the street and I'd be like where did she go? Btw not a good idea to hold anyone down on DMT unless they...
  4. chinacat

    Multi-Kilogram cGMP Synthesis of MDMA

    I breifly looked into this a while back cGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Process. If I am on the right page with this, this article is more targeted towards government labs trying to use manufacturing process that is validated by cGMP. This is targeted towards clinical research and FDA...
  5. chinacat

    Excess Methylamine in gassing solvent

    MDxx compound, So I vac distilled the freebase, added to IPA and managed to gas out magic crystals, I don't know what helped...but it helped. Happy happy.
  6. chinacat

    Excess Methylamine in gassing solvent

    Do you think excess methylamine is the problem? could that be my issue? solved the syrup with dry acetone and xylene but defintely would prefer to go the dry gas route. Maybe that hydroxide wash may help or the solvent was just wet...which is possibe.. maybe will try letting it dry overnight...
  7. chinacat

    Need help with Pmk ethyl glycidate to MDMA synthesis

    Same synth. Skip a few steps.
  8. chinacat

    Excess Methylamine in gassing solvent

    Hi there, could excess methylamine in gassing solvent interrupt the gassing?
  9. chinacat

    fentanilo sintesis desde los compuestos chinos

    Why do people even care about fentanyl. If we can make money putting better things into the community why don't we focus on that.
  10. chinacat

    need help with bmk/pmk gly

    did u ever have any success with this? I never got anything during gassing stage.
  11. chinacat

    Seperating mgso4 from MDMA

    I'm not sure how to remove mgso4 from mdma hcl mass? any help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  12. chinacat


    " 1) Add 500mL (2 cups) of calcium chloride to the empty alcohol bottle, then add 120 mL (1/2 cup) of muriatic acid to the bottle..will see it bubble a tiny bit...then screw on the barb adapter attachment. The barb adapter should have hose already attached to it--no glue necessary--they fit...
  13. chinacat

    need help with bmk/pmk gly

    pretty sure with powder you do hcl+water.l