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Bitcoin Mixer: Blender.io


Staff member

Please check your address bar carefully. All other websites (f.e. - same name but with .id domain name) can be harmful for your security!

Bitcoin was designed as anonymous and decentralized currency. But Bitcoin transactions are never truly anonymous. Bitcoin activities are recorded and available publicly via the blockchain — a comprehensive database which keeps a record of bitcoin transactions. And when you finally use Bitcoin to pay for goods and services, you will of course need to provide your name and address to the seller for delivery purposes. It means that a third party can trace your transactions and find ID information. To avoid this, Blender.io provides the ability to exchange your bitcoins for different ones which cannot be associated with the original owner. Basically, Bitcoin doesn’t need your name, E-mail address or any other identity to function, true. But, every single of its transactions are recorded on a public ledger, which can be viewed and verified by just about anyone on the planet. It’s not the kind of anonymity that people were hoping to get from it. That’s a problem Blender.io aims to solve. Blockchain technology allows not only trace any transaction, but view the amount of coins that is currently stored on your Bitcoin-address. Would you like to show publicly how much money do you have on your bank account? So why would you like to show your Bitcoin savings? The right of privacy is written in Constitution. To fullfill this right within Bitcoins you should use Blender.io
Blender.io is created with the thoughts about security, safety and ease of use. We understand our operation runs on trust and protect our reputation with the highest efforts. Our support is ready to be at your service round the clock. We are on a mission to make transactions safer and untraceable while contributing towards privacy over internet transactions. There is a Letter of Guarantee produced for every transaction within the system.

No Logs Policy

One of the key features of Blender.io is “No logs policy”. While some other tumblers may retain some logs for support or other reasons, Blender.io retains none.
There’s absolutely no log whatsoever, and whatever trace does exist of your transaction is deleted as soon as your transaction goes through.

No Registration Required

Blender.io doesn’t require you to signup, register or provide any kind of detail except the receiving address! As there are no personal details asked for, there’s no way your identity is compromised, or can be linked back to, because as far as blender.io goes they don’t know who you are.


How long does the mixing process take?

We have a lot of bitcoins in our reserve, this allows our clients to make operations independently from each other. Moreover, you can set a delay for each operation to mix coins even better. Your coins will be sent respectively to those delays.

How many confirmations is it required to consider coins arrived?

Currently, three confirmations are needed for any bitcoins amount.

I have accidentally closed the browser's window, what should I do now?

You don't have to keep the window open after you have received the deposit address. All mixing process will be done automatically. Please note that the deposit address is valid only for 24 hours.

How much time the deposit address stays actual?

A generated deposit address is valid only for 24 hours. All related data will be erased and all payments to the address will be ignored afterwards.

Do you store any logs?

The Blender service does not keep any information about processed transactions. All related data is erased after all coins are dispatched to target addresses.

What is the largest deal amount?

It depends on the current amount of coins we have in our reserve and the amount you previously sent to the service. We will not send back your previous coins to you (in case you've used the mixing code). You will be informed about the maximum amount of coins available for mixing.

What is the least deal amount?

Please be warned that the minimum amount for mixing is 0,003 BTC. If you accidentally sent smaller amounts, please send an e-mail with an attached guarantee letter to our support to claim your funds back.

Can I trust you large amounts of bitcoins?

Our mixing model is properly tested and works perfectly. However, you can mix small coins portions if you have any doubts, to ensure step by step that everything is crystal clear. Our mixed code guarantees that your past coins will not be mixed with the new ones.

What is the mixing code?

After your first mixing you will get the mixing code. You can use this code in next operations, which guarantees that you will not receive your previous coins. In other words, it guarantees your anonymity.

How does your system work?

Any transaction from the exchange to the wallet is recorded on the Blockchain and can be tracked. To make your transaction anonymous we use sequential break in the chain of transactions. So, whatever amount you send in, is broken down into different parts and sent to the different addresses created specifically for you and are not linked with the incoming transaction address. For even better results, we recommend using custom delays and specify different distribution shares using different outgoing addresses.

Why do I need to pay service fee?

This again is an anonymity-enforcing feature. While processing your transactions many additional transactions are created, each of them has its own network fee. Besides, we have to reserve big amounts of coins to provide stable and fast work of the service. That is why a small fee is applied.

Does the Blender support SegWit addresses?

Yes. You can use SegWit addresses to send and to receive bitcoins.

I'm not doing anything illegal. Why do I need to use mixer?

No, you do not need to be a politician with hoards of black money in order to use Blender.io or mix coins. Neither do you need to be a person involved in any kind of illegal activity. You may simple mix your coins to:
1. De-link them from the exchange transactions for security reasons.
2. Just keep them anonymous in general.
3. Send money from one wallet to many different wallets in a fizzy!
4. Avoid taxes.


New member
Sooner or later mixers will lose relevance.
Someone will finally win. If it's Bitcoin, then the transactions will become untraceable by themselves. If the analysts win, then "hello, Monero"


Staff member
Sooner or later mixers will lose relevance.
Someone will finally win. If it's Bitcoin, then the transactions will become untraceable by themselves. If the analysts win, then "hello, Monero"
Maybe. For example, the "payjoin" protocol can help a lot in this.