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Terms and conditions of the Escrow account.

Forum users have the right to enter into transactions with each other and involve the Administrator in the transaction to obtain an escrow account.

Concluding transactions using an escrow account is optional, but desirable and recommended by the Forum Administration.

There is a fee for escrow services.

Rules for Transactions with an Escrow Account

1 The seller and the buyer independently agree on the terms of the transaction, after which one of the parties creates a conversation in which the other party of the transaction and the Forum Administrator are invited.

2 After consideration and agreement of all conditions of the transaction the Buyer receives payment details from the Administrator and transfers to the escrow account funds in the amount of the transaction amount and commission for the use of escrow.

3 Administrator confirms receipt of funds to the account by notifying both parties.

4 The Seller fulfills his obligations to the Buyer, notifying the other parties.

5 The Buyer checks the quality and the declared characteristics, after which he notifies both parties of the results.

6 If the Buyer has no justified claims to the goods/services, the Administrator transfers the Money (transaction amount) to the Seller's account.

Rights and Duties of Administrator

1 The administrator makes decisions in disputable situations individually, depending on each case.

2 Admin is obliged to observe the Rules of the transaction and to supervise observance of the Rules by the parties of the transaction.

3 Admin is not responsible for the quality of the goods and services transferred to the Buyer.

4 Admin reserves the right to refuse to provide services without explanation.

Commissions and currency of transactions.

1. The Parties shall independently determine the currency of the transaction. (We recommend using BTC/XMR/ZEC/DASH).

2. Payment of escrow fees shall be made by the Buyer, unless otherwise stipulated by the parties' agreements.

3. The escrow account fee is 10% of the transaction amount, but no less than $50. For transactions over $5000 the commission is set individually (the higher the value of the transaction the lower the commission).